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A part of a human skull that belonged to an adult of forty or fifty years of age. It is impossible to determine the sex of the individual.


Skeletal remains found in the reliquary

The shrine of St Maurus contains very heterogeneous skeletal material, in which fragments prevail over well-preserved whole bones. The heterogeneousness is evident due to the fact that the majority of the bones were probably gathered from a common grave hundreds of years later - St Maurus has been executed together with several dozens of other martyrs, whom he had religionized. In many cases the skeletal material is in such a degree degraded and fragmentary that definite outcomes of analyses are impossible.

Skeletal remains were submitted to anthropological and serological analyses in the laboratories of the Institute for Criminalistics in Prague and subsequently examined by the DNA method by Prof. Dr. Mazura in the laboratories of the Institute for Anthropology and Genetics at the Faculty of Science of the Charles University in Prague with the help of Dr. Dobisikova from the anthropological department of the National Museum, Prague.


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