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probable remainder of the footwear with remains of textile string on the inner part of the extant suture, proportions 12 x 5 cm


Fragments of the hide found in the reliquary

An important component of the findings inside the shrine was except skeletal remains and textiles also leather of two sorts:

  1. Remains of the leather products, which have been found among detritus of the rotten bottom of the shrine. Two of them can be unambiguously labeled as remainder of footwear. This leather was probably tawed by a tan from oak tree, manufactured from a horse, asses or mule skin. Sewing made of leather pinstripes were used to stitching of single fittings. Upon one of the specimens a textile welt has been retained.
  2. The non-tawed leather of a parchment character, that was a part of the inner stuffing of the shrine.

The analysis of the fragments of the leather and their preservation has been done by Dr. Alois Orlita, Dr. Jaroslav Vaculik, and Anthony Galatik, jun., at the sector of development Toma, a.s. Otrokovice, in the year 1995.

Remains of the tan-tawed leather made from skin horseflesh, asses or mule:

  1. probable remainder of the footwear with remains of textile string on the inner part of the extant suture, proportions 12 x 5 cm
  2. probable remainder of the footwear with the noticeable puncture of stitching, proportions 9 x 3 cm
  3. remainder of tougher leather with a light right side, proportions 6 x 4 cm
  4. remainder of a something softer leather of the dimension 6 x 4 cm with a stitched tape 7 cm long
  5. narrow belt of a thicker leather 11 cm long
  6. remainder of a thinner leather and two of its fragments, c. 3 x 3 cm

Another part of the finding is composed by a non-tawed leather of a parchment character, made from the skin of a smaller animal (lamb, goatling). These leathers were of a double sort: a larger - square one, that obviously constituted an interlayer among wood bottom shrine and cloth covering in some places, and regular - 1 cm broad - tapes, which created welt (neatening) of the inner textile stuffing on the bottom of the shrine:

  1. leather in the discovery condition, proportions 2,5 x 1,5 cm
  2. leather of even kind after the rollout and conservation, proportions 5,5 x 2 cm
  3. banding leather on authentic places on the fragment of the original wooden nucleus of the shrine
  4. leather on the fragment of wood - below it there is annexed the already preserved banding leather from another place as an illustration
  5. parts of tapes of the preserved parchment leather, 11,5 and 13,5 cm long

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