polished cobble-stone – sapphire

Precious stones

Types of stones used for the decoration of the reliquary

The original stones are by shape polished cobble-stones (often drilled) or cabochons. Extraordinary are the cabochons with sharp chine and pyramidal notched grindstones, applied to several rock crystals. Species of quartzite predominate (amethyst, crystal) and chalcedonys. Very interesting are sapphires originating from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and from France. Some of them are stars. On one sapphire is even engraved an inscription, evidently in Sanskrit. Other sorts of stones are extraordinary (zircon, amber etc.), abundant is original colour glass, especially green. More rare is the glass imitation of sapphires. Some of the stones were completed in the 19th century, they have however modern faceted cut and it is not difficult to distinguish them.


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