strips bind the relievo (sculpture)

Stamped section made from copper

The stamped motifs are a common goldsmiths´ decoration technique of medieval shrines. It is, in effect, the shielding of the surface between other elements by repeated cast pattern. The strips on this shrine adorned in this way are from thin copper plate, whereon is minted decoration by a puncheon from hardened iron. The cast decorating usually ties together and forms thereby longer strips. Those strips bind the relievo (sculpture) on the shrine, the rims of the lateral side and the whole pedestal. Two types of a puncheon (matrix) are used here. In detail the sequence of embossing is evident - the surface of the puncheon contains two and half strands of the decoration.

Another type of mintage is the area of the background of the apostles, which however was completed on the shrine later. The coinage forms a diagonal composition on a major area. Analogous puncheon ornamented the columns with stamped decoration, where the stuff embellished with coinage was subsequently rolled into the tubule that creates the column.

Stamped are also the gilded starlets - flowers, individually tag to background of the frontal statuettes of St Maurus and Christ. A small puncheon was also used to the ornamentation of the edges of the sockets.

The stamped parts - the figures of angels and prophets.

The segments between traceries of the relievo are filled-out by the stamped figures of the angels (the upper line) and prophets (the lower line). These figures are of the more plastic design and that is why they are minted from a silver plate, which has at coinage better ductility than copper. So that thin material could copy the relievo of the puncheon, a lead matrix was used, by strokes on which was the metal plate exactly impressed into the puncheon. The figures of the angels as well as those of the prophets are identical - e.g. they are minted by the same puncheon.

By the means of the puncheon is probably created the decoration of the pectineal part. In this case the puncheon, step by step, strikes out the decoration into the thick compact material. The perforated parts are subsequently cut out and the decoration modified in a chasing. The strip on the ridge is of two parts, tied among the turrets. Here are set the rock-crystals in the form of verticils set in positions that are shaped according to the form of the particular stones.


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